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7 Winter Driving Tips for Truckers

When the temperature plunges to five degrees, even the most experienced of truckers can have a hard time managing the icy roads. Poor visibility coupled with reduced traction makes the job of a big rig driver extremely challenging. However, by implementing preventive safety skills for driving in icy conditions, you can sail through the winter season without any major problems. Here are 7 winter driving tips for truck drivers that can help you stay safe this winter.

1. Carry proper supplies

Truck drivers should make sure they have cold weather essentials on hand. These include:

extra clothing layersglovesflashlightrain gearwindshield fluidblanketsbag of sand or salttire chainsjumper cablessnow scrapers and brushes

2. Slow Down

The slower you drive, the more time you have to react. Hydroplaning is also caused by going to fast. Avoid winter accidents by watching your speed.

3. Keep A Firm Grip On The Wheel

Grip the steering wheel firmly to maintain control. Keep both hands on the wheel at all times to guide the vehicle through snow and ice.

4. Allow Safe Space

In the winter, truck drivers should increase their following distance. Be sure you have more than enough space to stop and maneuver in unexpected traffic situations.

5. Watch Out For Bridges

Bridges, highway overpasses, and other elevated surfaces freeze faster than the regular road. They also may not be salted. Use caution when approaching bridges to avoid spinning out of control on black ice.

6. Avoid Black Ice

Black Ice is not just found on bridges. It is a layer of transparent ice that makes the road look wet. Drivers can spot black ice when the spray from other vehicles stops. You can also watch for frost on your truck antennae and mirrors.

7. Brake Slowly

In winter, accelerate and brake slowly. If the truck is not equipped with an ABS braking system, lightly pump the brakes when you need to slow down.

Always remember, a good truck driver shuts down when there is too much ice, snow, or driving winds.

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